Join us on as we unveil the power of our 316 digital accounts. Discover a ground-breaking multi-currency e-money account that revolutionizes financial management for individuals and businesses. Explore the comprehensive features, seamless user experience, and endless possibilities that our 316 digital accounts offer. Discover how your 316 Digital account simplifies global transactions, enhances financial control, offers a practical investment platform, provides tools to manage your business and opens doors to new opportunities

Join our upcoming virtual product launch on the 24th of June 2023 at 11am and unlock a world of financial empowerment with our 316 Digital Accounts.

1. Introduction and Welcome (10 minutes)
  • A brief overview of the agenda, speakers and the importance of 316 Digital Accounts in today's financial landscape.
  • key benefits and features that will be covered throughout the webinar.
2. Exploring the Features of 316 Digital Accounts (15 minutes)
  • Comprehensive features of 316 Digital Accounts, showcasing its multi-currency capabilities, real-time transactions, and secure digital wallet.
  • How individuals and businesses can effortlessly manage their finances, make cross-border payments, and enjoy seamless fund transfers.
3. Seamless User Experience and Accessibility (15 minutes)
  • User-friendly interface of 316 Digital Accounts, intuitive navigation, easy registration process, and convenient mobile access.
  • A showcase how the platform simplifies financial management, enabling users to view balances, track transactions, and set personalized alerts.
4. Unlocking Financial Possibilities for Individuals (15 minutes)
  • The benefits of a 316 Digital Accounts for individuals, including currency conversion at competitive rates, convenient payment options, and personalized budgeting tools.
  • Practical and simplified investment with the 316 Non trading accounts which offers individuals access to earnings from the retail market.
5. Empowering Businesses with Enhanced Financial Control (15 minutes)
  • How 316 Digital Accounts revolutionizes financial management for businesses, providing a unified platform for global transactions, streamlined invoicing, and simplified expense tracking, inventory management and much more.
  • How businesses can benefit from features like multi-user access, customizable permissions, and seamless integration with existing financial systems and marketplaces.
Conclusion and Q&A (10 minutes)

Get your questions answered directly by the 316 team and speakers on the spot.

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