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Experience hassle-free money transfers with 316's easy and secure send and request money, designed to simplify your financial transactions.

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Sending Money, Quick and Easy

Moving money should always be quick and easy. Your 316 account offers speedy and safe transactions and is even easier amongst friends with a 316 account. Say goodbye to long wait times

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Requesting money made easy


Our fraud protection and 24/7 monitoring provides an extra level of security for your money request ensuring that you are protected. .

No unwanted fees

There are no additional fees to request money with 316. You can send and receive money without worrying about extra charges.


Get quick access to your cash with 316's mobile app and website. Money request are fast and easy with your 316 account

Request money in multiple ways

316 allows you to request payments in multiple currencies, from anyone, and at any time. Say goodbye to currency conversion headaches and hello to hassle-free requests with 316 Pay.

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Settling bills made easy

Split restaurant bills or any other expenses with your friends and family. Your 316 account offers a seamless experience with settling bills and prevents akward calculations.

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With just a few clicks, you can send a request for payment and receive the funds directly into your account

Payments and more

Everyday payments and transfers have never been easier

Access your account on the go, take your 316 account with you when you travel and benefit from great rates

Spend, send and save like a local with our currencies and custom wallets

Transact money across Africa, send money to your loved ones in Africa at great rates

Send instant cash gifts to your loved ones

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